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365 Degree Solutions Venture LLP

We are a group of professionals with varied experience from different sectors, hence it entails us to venture into a team and a platform that can cater to the need of all round solutions across different sectors. While we intend to provide a full cycle solution (360 dgeree), we always thrive to deliver extra that can lead to an excellence. It also signifies why we named us as 365 Degree that brings 5 degree extra.


Our main VISION is to continuously thrive for DIVERSIFICATION and bring INNOVATION into various sectors. Our vision essentially includes a commitment to developing new products or services, experimenting with new business models, or exploring emerging technologies that could help it stay ahead of the curve and justify the platform as "365 degree solutions....."


Our MISSION is to build strong partnerships and to provide high-quality products and services. Our mission statement is also to reflect our commitment to creating a workplace that is welcoming and supportive of people from all backgrounds, as well as its efforts to develop products and services that meet the needs of diverse customer bases.

The Team

We are a venture of experienced professionals from different sectors, each one brings sectoral expertise and great passion towards an entrepreneurial journey. Therefore, the organization is pillared with a team that drives the momentum of each functions associated with the venture and its vision and mission.

Though we are a partnership firm, as an organization we have dedicated structure to bring effective business operation and quality deliverables. The core organization is led by two dynamic leaders under their directorships; followed by a strategic team of three experts. Additionally, we have our network of working professionals and associates who support us on time to time manner across our products and service lines.

Service Collaboration

We have our service based collaboration with HOBS (www.boradinco.com). HOBS is an experienced service venture with a wide range of clientele in India and abroad. We leverage our mutual expertise to cater to a wider client base.

25k+ users

As a brand strategy partner, we have successfully reached to 25k+ users along with our existing products


Our Core Features

Focus on Health Monitoring

dealing with the most advanced smart monitoring tools for expected mothers......... taking care of Hearts with home based monitoring via smart pocket size ECG.......

Technological innovation and usages

dedicated focus on evaluating and using best of technologies which are available to the mankind......

Always open for new ideas and change

when it's about ideas and new ways, we always step-out for exploration....... this also brings us as a solutions provider and advisor for new start-ups.....


We believe in and also committed to drive our business responsibly. We intend to lower our operational carbon footprints and also to give back to the community whatever best way possible !

It reflects in our business ethos, as we operate in more digital ways rather than stipulating from dedicated office spaces by utilising the scope of technology. Also, our focus includes CSR based projects and beneficiaries to create more positive social impacts.....

Working With The Best

Our Partners