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Keyar Mini & Keyar DT Lite

A smart pocket-sized fetal doppler for the pregnant mothers. Listen & measure your baby’s heartbeat and keep the anxiety away. With this smart, compact and reliable device, you can check your baby’s well-being - anytime, anywhere.

Keyar CM & Keyar DT

A portable, patch based beltless fetal - maternal heart rate and uterine contraction monitoring device and software.

2 in 1 fetal monitoring device and software.

Keyar CM + DT

A smart, portable and wireless fetal monitoring device and software.

Janitri Software & Apps

Digital pregnancy monitoring software & apps for Hospital, Doctors, Nurses and Pregnant mothers.

Spandan ECG device

Here is a smart, portable health device to monitor your heart, "The Spandan" Spandan is the most accurate and trusted ECG device, can detect over 39 different heart diseases. It has been recognized as one of the most useful health monitoring devices.....

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Training Support

we provide various training support to individuals and organizations that need business operation & management related expertise.

Marketing Strategy

We develop product marketing strategies for different businesses, it also includes market research and analysis.

New Business Consulting

We also intend to help new startups with new business ideas and overall advisory & consulting services for growth strategies.